Jun. 24th, 2005

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Gee. I sure wish Jiminy was here to keep track of the journal for me because it's a little harder to do it myself since I haven't exactly had much time to write anything down.

This is probably the first time I've had in days now to think back on what's happened so far.

Earlier, I met a whole bunch of really interesting people...and creatures. It started when I fell through this...weird door or something. You would never believe where I landed. In some place called New York! It actually looks a lot like Twilight Town, but its a lot busier....I mean, it was so crowded!

A little while after meeting this dog who called himself Dodger, I bumped into this really beautiful girl with long golden hair who called herself Briar Rose. I remember someone who looked identical to her from Hollow Bastion--her name was also Aurora (when I found out it's Rose's real name). Aurora was one of the princesses of heart. I dunno, though. She didn't seem to remember anything about Hollow Bastion which has me thinkin' that there are two 'versions' of the princess. Of course, she didn't want us to call her Princess Aurora (she had just found out about her real identity today, too) so I told her we'd just keep calling her Rose.

But anyway, a while after that, I met this little meerkat who called himself Timon. He's a really weird little fella...and he's loud. But I dunno, I guess being so small and ignored all the time...

Anyway, *chuckles*...only a little while after, Rose saved this rag-doll named Sally. She said she was from Halloweentown! I remember going there with Goofy and Donald--that's where we met Jack and fought Oogie. I never met Sally before, but knowing someone from Halloweentown made me feel a little better; I didn't feel like a complete outcast. But then I can't help but think that maybe the Jack she knows is a different version of the Jack I know--kinda like with Rose.

Well, anyway, if things couldn't get more hectic, this lioness named Nala...tried to attack Timon and I was forced to use a spell to stop her from eating him. She wasn't pleased about that--then again, who would be, right?--but I told her that as long as she didn't harm my friends, then I wouldn't attack her.

We were about to find somewhere to go when some of the people in this city panicked and called these uniformed men on us. I didn't feel much like fighting anymore, and luckily we didn't have to. Rose saved us all from that. I dunno how she did it, but whatever she did worked! And just when Dodger was about to help us get some food--we were all starving!--this strange woman came up to us. She looked like she was from New York, and she didn't seem too happy to see us. But it turned out she was really cool. She called herself Detective Maza and told us that she thought we looked suspicious--I guess we kinda do, now that I think of it--but later she offered to give us dinner. We were all so hungry so how could any of us refuse?

Actually, as we speak, the detective is preparing some steaks for us! I can't wait. I don't think I've eaten since...well, since I arrived in this world!

All things said and done, my adventures so far have been very different from what I'm used to when I travelled with Goofy and Donald. And finally when I have a moment to rest, I think of Kairi and wonder if she's okay. I mean...I dunno...I worry about her... *shakes head* Not in that way, of course!...I worry about all my friends! Riku, Goofy, Donald...

I guess I'll stop writing and see what the others are up to.


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