Dec. 14th, 2006

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Sora finds himself walking through the darkness. He raises his head up and around him to take in his surroundings, but it's difficult to make anything out in clear definition. He can feel the crevices and molds of walls on either side of him, which he touches with his hands, but his eyes cannot help him. The sounds of his feet echoing against the hard, flat paved ground reach his ears. They hum in his mind, making him more aware of just how...empty this place is.

He gets a chill that crawls up and down his spine. He doesn't like it here. It's nothing like he's ever dreamed before; this place is unrecognizable.

Step after step, Sora eventually finds himself reaching the end of the long black path; it opens into a wide space like a central square. The sky--dark and ominous, filled with cloud--blankets this environment, almost suffocating, with its looming buildings that fade into it, disappearing from his vision. Neon lights flash in pinks and greens, forming nonsensical words and shapes that Sora can't understand. And somehow its' light doesn't provide him with a sense of comfort. Instead, it is almost swallowed up by the darkness.

Around him, the air is still and filled with dark feelings: dread, anxiety, depression, gloom. If a nightmare could be described, lived in, this place--whatever it was--would capture it perfectly.

"Goofy?" he calls, hearing his voice reverberate against the buildings. "Donald?"

Kairi? ...Riku? he thinks.


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