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Sora scribbles into his leather-bound journal, leaving a couple of pages blank.

Without Jiminy to do this for me, it's gonna be hard, but I'm going to try and sum up what has happened so far.

Instead of ending up in another world that needs my help, I ended up here in I don't know much about it, but a lot has happened and I've met a lot of different people.

I can't find Goofy or Donald here, and I know that Kairi or Riku aren't here either. There are a lot of people who come here from different worlds, too. Some are from different galaxies, and others are from completely different dimensions. It's really cool that a place like this bar, this Milliways, could exist. But here I am. I'm not surprised, though. I mean, yeah, I'm surprised to meet all these different people, but I'm not too surprised I ended up at this bar.

Outside the window, the universe resets itself in this big explosion of stars. It's really cool. But it's also really scary, too.

Anyway, one of the great things that happened while I was here was that I met up with King Mickey. It's been a while since I last saw him, but I was outside and I saw him training. It was so...relieving to see him, especially since Donald or Goofy or anyone familiar wasn't here with me. Seeing Mickey was like seeing a connection with where I came from. He told me that time stops as long as I stay in this bar, so I'm glad. I know I have to leave soon, but I...just don't know what to do yet. I don't know how to find Kairi or Riku, and I feel like I've been rushed this whole time, so coming here feels like I'm supposed to stay and recharge.

I forgot to ask the King if he'd seen Goofy or Donald anywhere, or Kairi or Riku for that matter because our meeting was really short.

Another really good (and weird?) piece of news was that I met a boy who's kinda been a mystery to me. The last time I 'saw' him was in the picture of him and his friends (I met them in Twilight Town) but I feel like I know him somehow. His name's Roxas. I knew that before I'd even really met him. It's weird. He told me he's had all these dreams about me--and he proved it, too. He knows a lot about me, so much so that it's kind of weird. I also know a bit about him without realizing it until I've told him. He seemed really unsure about me at first, and really distant--kinda like Riku, actually--but now he seems okay. He's a really cool kid--and apparently he can use the Keyblade too. The only people I know who can besides me is Riku and the king. Anyway, Roxas even offered to help me rescue Kairi from the Organization! The only problem is that he can't leave the bar yet. His door hasn't shown up.

The doors are really strange in this bar. There's one that leads to the back where there's a lake and everything (I had a really weird conversation about the Nobodies and hearts with this Bright Shiner guy called Yrael outside...), but the other door is supposedly the one that opens back to wherever you come from. If you can't see your door, then it means you're 'Bound', which I think means that you're stuck in the bar until it she lets you out. The bar here is different, too. The Bar seems to be this special magical bar that understands what you want, and gives you whatever you order. It's really cool.

Anyway, if the bar doesn't let Roxas out, then I think I have an idea that will let him come with me anyway. After talking to Bob (he's from inside a computer, like Tron! And apparently he knows Tron, too! I wonder if Tron knows Bob...I should ask the next time I see him...) I had this idea. He told me that sometimes you can go into other people's worlds by going through their doors. Of course you have to have permission, I think (like, you can't just open someone else's door), but if it works, maybe Roxas can just come through my door. We're both from the same world anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem.

I hope I can meet the King again and ask him some questions before I leave, but I am really growing restless. I do want to leave the bar really soon. I don't really know how I'm going to find Kairi, but I've been okay so far, so I'm sure it'll be a piece of cake. And with Roxas helping out, it'll be even better. My Keyblade's fixed (thanks to this girl I met; her name's Suzi), and I feel like I had more than enough rest.

He lets out a breath, then closes the book.


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