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First I met up with Timon in Port Royal, a place I've never seen before...but it was pretty cool. I dunno why he was there, but it was good to see a familiar face, and I'd been wondering how the others were after New York and the explosion. Seeing Timon relieved me 'cause that means the rest of them are probably okay, which is a big relief! After a bit of persuasion on my end, I finally convinced Timon to help me find my friends. Of course I'm gonna help Timon, too.

I guess after New York, we all got transported to different worlds, but some didn't get back to their own...kinda like me. And I guess Timon's one of them. I wonder if the others got back to their own worlds or if they're floating around on other places, too.


I felt like I knew this place. It was familiar, and then luck would have it that I see Pooh bear and everything comes back to me. I dunno how I got into the 100 Acre storybook, but it's kinda cool (as long as I can eventually find a way out). I haven't seen Pooh (or any of his friends) for so long. I doubt I'd find anything about Kairi or Riku (or Donald and Goofy) in it, but it's nice to see an old friend anyway. I just wonder if Pooh recognizes me.


Finding myself somewhere unfamiliar (again) and dark. It's really dark. I think there's a cottage up ahead, but I heard a sound that's got my attention. If it's a Heartless at least I know I'm going in the right direction. The Heartless always seem to follow my own path, but I know where there's Heartless, there's Riku or Kairi...
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So here I what is obviously a new world...and I'm glad to finally be somewhere solid. Somewhere real. It's been kind of a dream-like experience so far, kinda like I was dead or something.

But I'm okay now. I can see the water and the sky is blue. But everywhere around me, everything kinda smells like alcohol. I'm gonna do some exploring and see what I can find out about Kairi, Riku, Goofy and Donald. I hope they're here. I hope at least one of them is here.

[006] Alive

Feb. 4th, 2006 09:01 pm
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I'm still alive. Just barely, but there are definitely signs of life here.
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I know it may seem impossible to do this whilst I'm floating in limbo, but hey...weirder things have happened to me, right? (And weirder still: I just used the word, whilst!)

I thought I had left New York, and possibly the world for good, but I don't feel dead yet...but I do feel like I should be somewhere and yet here I am...not really...well, anywhere.

Something happened while I was in New York, though. Something big. And bad. I think it was a bomb. I can't remember everything--just a lot of bright light all around me and the intense feeling of heat, like I was going to be blown apart into pieces! I really hope Timon, the Detective, Mia and the rest are all right. I hope they'll be okay. And I hope they've found their way back to their own'd be nice to meet up with them once again, maybe some time in the future, but it'll be better if they make it back home.

I have a couple of scrapes and bruises from New York's events, but overall, I think I'm okay. It was definitely an experience, being in that city. All the different people I met, the different customs...I could really use some of the Detective's food right about now. I'm starved!

If only I could figure out where I'm going, now.
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A quick update to say we've managed to escape the strange creature-darkness-thing (it actually reminded me of some monster I once fought; could it be related to the Heartless?) and we're on our way to the explosion site from yesterday.

I'm relieved. It means I can finally help everyone get back to their worlds, and I can continue finding my friends...not to mention, I think we've overstayed our welcome in New York City! With all the strange occurances and my nearly getting sucked into that black darkness, I think it's time we found a way out of this world!

I wonder where I'll go next if I ever get out of here...I hope everyone else is hanging in there.
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I guess I should continue where I left off from my last entry, huh? Oh, man...I've gotta say, a lot has happened since I last wrote in this journal!

After the Detective made us these really good steaks and other things, I guess Nala and Timon got into a fight. I wasn't there, 'cause I was...well...eating...*sheepish grin* so I didn't see what happened. All I saw was Nala leaving the apartment angry. Actually, I also had a really embarassing moment. I nearly choked on the steak I was eating. Thanks to Rose and the Detective and Timon, I was okay, but...I felt so stupid.

Well, after that little fight and everything, somehow both Timon and Nala got caught and were sent to the zoo or something--so much has happened, I can barely remember! And there was the whole time I was in the shower...I think that's when most of the stuff happened. But the shower was good! haha.

Anyway, when I got out, this new girl who calls herself Mia, was in the detective's apartment. She's really nice but I don't know much about her. But the detective and the others filled me in on what was going on. That's when I found out Nala and Timon were sent to the zoo and we had to get them out. It was like, really late in the night, but we weren't gonna give up!

Eventually we made our way to the zoo, and it's the first time I've ever been to a zoo before. There are all these animals and they're all locked up in's kinda scary. We found Nala and Timon and it was a matter of getting them out after that. Rose used her voice to put all the animals to sleep--I thought that was really cool!--and after that we got the locks opened. I actually used my keyblade to do that; I hadn't even expected it to work, but I'm glad it did, or we would have had to find a different way to free Timon and Nala.

So we rescued them, and on our way back, I asked the detective to help us get some answers about the big explosion from yesterday. She said she would help as much as she could, and I'm glad. It's kinda cool to know someone like the detective. She's really smart.

And last night I finally had the chance to have a really good sleep. I'm not sure if the others went to bed, but I sat by the couch on the floor and in minutes, I was gone!

This morning I'm feeling a lot more well-rested. It's a brand new day and I'm gonna help Timon and the others find their way back to their own worlds. Hopefully I'll know what to do because at the moment, I'm really not sure how I'm going to do it. I don't really know much about New York, and I've never fallen through into another world before...I've always kinda just...travelled to new worlds by Gummi Ship. Speaking of which, I wonder how the Gummi Ship is doing...

Anyway, I wish there was some way I can contact Kairi and the others. I have no idea how they're doing, or if they're even...alive. I mean, they can't ...not be alive, but...well, with all the evil and the Heartless about, sometimes I get a little scared. I wish Donald and Goofy could find me. It's a little hard helping everyone when I don't even know what I'm doing myself, and Donald and Goofy were always there to help me if I ever needed it. I just hope I don't fail the others 'cause they are all really eager to go back to their worlds and I told them I'd get them back.

...why am I being so pessimistic, anyway? Since when did I get like this? *shakes head* Nah...everything'll be fine. It'll all work out! I guess that's all for this update.
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Gee. I sure wish Jiminy was here to keep track of the journal for me because it's a little harder to do it myself since I haven't exactly had much time to write anything down.

This is probably the first time I've had in days now to think back on what's happened so far.

Earlier, I met a whole bunch of really interesting people...and creatures. It started when I fell through this...weird door or something. You would never believe where I landed. In some place called New York! It actually looks a lot like Twilight Town, but its a lot busier....I mean, it was so crowded!

A little while after meeting this dog who called himself Dodger, I bumped into this really beautiful girl with long golden hair who called herself Briar Rose. I remember someone who looked identical to her from Hollow Bastion--her name was also Aurora (when I found out it's Rose's real name). Aurora was one of the princesses of heart. I dunno, though. She didn't seem to remember anything about Hollow Bastion which has me thinkin' that there are two 'versions' of the princess. Of course, she didn't want us to call her Princess Aurora (she had just found out about her real identity today, too) so I told her we'd just keep calling her Rose.

But anyway, a while after that, I met this little meerkat who called himself Timon. He's a really weird little fella...and he's loud. But I dunno, I guess being so small and ignored all the time...

Anyway, *chuckles*...only a little while after, Rose saved this rag-doll named Sally. She said she was from Halloweentown! I remember going there with Goofy and Donald--that's where we met Jack and fought Oogie. I never met Sally before, but knowing someone from Halloweentown made me feel a little better; I didn't feel like a complete outcast. But then I can't help but think that maybe the Jack she knows is a different version of the Jack I know--kinda like with Rose.

Well, anyway, if things couldn't get more hectic, this lioness named Nala...tried to attack Timon and I was forced to use a spell to stop her from eating him. She wasn't pleased about that--then again, who would be, right?--but I told her that as long as she didn't harm my friends, then I wouldn't attack her.

We were about to find somewhere to go when some of the people in this city panicked and called these uniformed men on us. I didn't feel much like fighting anymore, and luckily we didn't have to. Rose saved us all from that. I dunno how she did it, but whatever she did worked! And just when Dodger was about to help us get some food--we were all starving!--this strange woman came up to us. She looked like she was from New York, and she didn't seem too happy to see us. But it turned out she was really cool. She called herself Detective Maza and told us that she thought we looked suspicious--I guess we kinda do, now that I think of it--but later she offered to give us dinner. We were all so hungry so how could any of us refuse?

Actually, as we speak, the detective is preparing some steaks for us! I can't wait. I don't think I've eaten since...well, since I arrived in this world!

All things said and done, my adventures so far have been very different from what I'm used to when I travelled with Goofy and Donald. And finally when I have a moment to rest, I think of Kairi and wonder if she's okay. I mean...I dunno...I worry about her... *shakes head* Not in that way, of course!...I worry about all my friends! Riku, Goofy, Donald...

I guess I'll stop writing and see what the others are up to.
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I feel strange, like...everything around me is changing, and I'm not sure if it's for better, or whether its for the worst. Recently, after going through all sorts of dangerous and wondrous things, I found myself alone. I thought Goofy and Donald were right behind me, but I guess I was wrong. Now they're gone, and I have no idea where (or how) to find them.

I've been appearing here and there, finding myself in all these different worlds, ones I've never been to before, and I don't know how I get to's just like...I find a portal, and I find myself (without realizing) walking right through it. I'm searching for Goofy and Donald; I'm also (still!) searching for Kairi and Riku.

I can't stop thinking about Kairi and Riku. They were originally why I even started going all over the place, killing Heartless, things like that.

I've seen so much, and learned so much about different worlds, and myself, but all I really want to do now is find my friends and go back home. Guess I've been feeling a little homesick, huh?

First thing's first, I think I should find Goofy and Donald...maybe they're where Kairi and Riku are?


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