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First I met up with Timon in Port Royal, a place I've never seen before...but it was pretty cool. I dunno why he was there, but it was good to see a familiar face, and I'd been wondering how the others were after New York and the explosion. Seeing Timon relieved me 'cause that means the rest of them are probably okay, which is a big relief! After a bit of persuasion on my end, I finally convinced Timon to help me find my friends. Of course I'm gonna help Timon, too.

I guess after New York, we all got transported to different worlds, but some didn't get back to their own...kinda like me. And I guess Timon's one of them. I wonder if the others got back to their own worlds or if they're floating around on other places, too.


I felt like I knew this place. It was familiar, and then luck would have it that I see Pooh bear and everything comes back to me. I dunno how I got into the 100 Acre storybook, but it's kinda cool (as long as I can eventually find a way out). I haven't seen Pooh (or any of his friends) for so long. I doubt I'd find anything about Kairi or Riku (or Donald and Goofy) in it, but it's nice to see an old friend anyway. I just wonder if Pooh recognizes me.


Finding myself somewhere unfamiliar (again) and dark. It's really dark. I think there's a cottage up ahead, but I heard a sound that's got my attention. If it's a Heartless at least I know I'm going in the right direction. The Heartless always seem to follow my own path, but I know where there's Heartless, there's Riku or Kairi...


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