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Sora is asleep on his bed, limbs outstretched and tangled in blankets and sheets. His mouth is slightly open and there might even be a bit of saliva hanging out of the corner.

The room is dark, save for a crack of light from beneath the doorway leading to the hall.

And next to him, on the floor -- since Sora insisted he get the bed (after all it was his room they were in) -- is Riku. They decided, for old time's sake, to have a sleepover of sorts. It's been years since he's seen his best friend for longer than a couple hours at a time.

Should have been fun, only...the younger of the two boys tuckered out early. It isn't his fault, but he's been feeling extra tired lately, what with all the otherworldy adventures he has on a daily basis.
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Sora rushes into the bar in a direct path through the snow, not really looking to check whether Riku is following behind him or not (though he's sure he is), then up the staircase leading to his room. He would have stayed downstairs but the need to get out of his soaking wet coat and into something dry, as well as something warm (like his blanket), is a top priority.

He unlocks the door, flinging his soaking-wet mittens on the bed before peeling the wet coat off of him, making a sound of disgust.

At least his teeth have stopped chattering!
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Sora lies on his back, arms crossed behind his head as he stares up at the sky. His eyes grow heavier and heavier with each passing moment, slowly...until the sound of the wind and the general soundtrack of nature envelopes him, surrounding him, blurring his other senses.

His eyelids finally shut, and he finds himself dozing off, random images and thoughts floating about in his mind, all lacking direction...
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Sora finds himself walking through the darkness. He raises his head up and around him to take in his surroundings, but it's difficult to make anything out in clear definition. He can feel the crevices and molds of walls on either side of him, which he touches with his hands, but his eyes cannot help him. The sounds of his feet echoing against the hard, flat paved ground reach his ears. They hum in his mind, making him more aware of just how...empty this place is.

He gets a chill that crawls up and down his spine. He doesn't like it here. It's nothing like he's ever dreamed before; this place is unrecognizable.

Step after step, Sora eventually finds himself reaching the end of the long black path; it opens into a wide space like a central square. The sky--dark and ominous, filled with cloud--blankets this environment, almost suffocating, with its looming buildings that fade into it, disappearing from his vision. Neon lights flash in pinks and greens, forming nonsensical words and shapes that Sora can't understand. And somehow its' light doesn't provide him with a sense of comfort. Instead, it is almost swallowed up by the darkness.

Around him, the air is still and filled with dark feelings: dread, anxiety, depression, gloom. If a nightmare could be described, lived in, this place--whatever it was--would capture it perfectly.

"Goofy?" he calls, hearing his voice reverberate against the buildings. "Donald?"

Kairi? ...Riku? he thinks.
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Sora remembers and when he does, it feels so real, it's as though he's stepping back into his memory...

He feels short. Shorter than he thinks he really is. There's a different jaunt in his step, and he's running. Running and breathing hard, and yelling, "Riku! Riku, wait!" with a wooden sword in one small hand, and a clumsy rectangular piece of driftwood (a shield) in the other.

The day is bright, tranquil and warm and there's a comforting breeze that drifts through the air assuring its inhabitants that this place--Destiny Islands--is safe. It's home.

The sound of waves along the beach would soothe anyone who wasn't trying to chase after his best friend with heavy wooden props to weigh him down. The shield is large and heavy and it clunk clunk clunks as he drags it along with him. The silver-haired boy, turning and grinning some distance away from him sticks out his tongue and calls out to him, but this boy can't hear it.

It's just the two of them on the beach with the white sand and the sparkling waters. It's their secret place where they play together after school, pretending they're pirates, or sometimes even knights. Sora likes playing knights. He can pretend he's saving a princess, and while Riku often allows him to play the princess' saviour, sometimes Sora feels like it's Riku who wants to save her instead.

Today they're going to play knights, and that is why he has a shield and sword. It's taken many beatings (he's not as good as Riku when it comes to all of this stuff) but he's determined to win a fight eventually. He'll be courageous, just as courageous as his best friend.


"All right, Riku! I'm ready!" Sora calls, his wooden sword in hand.


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