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Sora ([personal profile] aeroras) wrote2005-08-28 12:34 am
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[003] New York cont'd

I guess I should continue where I left off from my last entry, huh? Oh, man...I've gotta say, a lot has happened since I last wrote in this journal!

After the Detective made us these really good steaks and other things, I guess Nala and Timon got into a fight. I wasn't there, 'cause I was...well...eating...*sheepish grin* so I didn't see what happened. All I saw was Nala leaving the apartment angry. Actually, I also had a really embarassing moment. I nearly choked on the steak I was eating. Thanks to Rose and the Detective and Timon, I was okay, but...I felt so stupid.

Well, after that little fight and everything, somehow both Timon and Nala got caught and were sent to the zoo or something--so much has happened, I can barely remember! And there was the whole time I was in the shower...I think that's when most of the stuff happened. But the shower was good! haha.

Anyway, when I got out, this new girl who calls herself Mia, was in the detective's apartment. She's really nice but I don't know much about her. But the detective and the others filled me in on what was going on. That's when I found out Nala and Timon were sent to the zoo and we had to get them out. It was like, really late in the night, but we weren't gonna give up!

Eventually we made our way to the zoo, and it's the first time I've ever been to a zoo before. There are all these animals and they're all locked up in's kinda scary. We found Nala and Timon and it was a matter of getting them out after that. Rose used her voice to put all the animals to sleep--I thought that was really cool!--and after that we got the locks opened. I actually used my keyblade to do that; I hadn't even expected it to work, but I'm glad it did, or we would have had to find a different way to free Timon and Nala.

So we rescued them, and on our way back, I asked the detective to help us get some answers about the big explosion from yesterday. She said she would help as much as she could, and I'm glad. It's kinda cool to know someone like the detective. She's really smart.

And last night I finally had the chance to have a really good sleep. I'm not sure if the others went to bed, but I sat by the couch on the floor and in minutes, I was gone!

This morning I'm feeling a lot more well-rested. It's a brand new day and I'm gonna help Timon and the others find their way back to their own worlds. Hopefully I'll know what to do because at the moment, I'm really not sure how I'm going to do it. I don't really know much about New York, and I've never fallen through into another world before...I've always kinda just...travelled to new worlds by Gummi Ship. Speaking of which, I wonder how the Gummi Ship is doing...

Anyway, I wish there was some way I can contact Kairi and the others. I have no idea how they're doing, or if they're even...alive. I mean, they can't ...not be alive, but...well, with all the evil and the Heartless about, sometimes I get a little scared. I wish Donald and Goofy could find me. It's a little hard helping everyone when I don't even know what I'm doing myself, and Donald and Goofy were always there to help me if I ever needed it. I just hope I don't fail the others 'cause they are all really eager to go back to their worlds and I told them I'd get them back.

...why am I being so pessimistic, anyway? Since when did I get like this? *shakes head* Nah...everything'll be fine. It'll all work out! I guess that's all for this update.